First Care Medical Clinic Doctors and Medical Professionals Serving the North and South Carolina Area

Medical Clinic Locations in Albemarle, Charlotte (Nations Ford), Charlotte (Plaza), Gastonia, Monroe, Rock Hill (South Carolina)..

First Care Medical Clinic Doctors and Medical Professionals Serve Adults & Children 6 Days a Week.

First Care Medical Clinic was founded in 1994 in Monroe, North Carolina by Dr. Benedict Okwara. As a result of Dr. Okwara’s emergency room experience he realized that many of the patients that frequented the emergency room could be well managed in a well equipped out-patient setting with better outcomes and at a lower cost to the patient.

Dr. Okwara opened his first office in 1994 and over the past 20 years First Care Medical Clinic has grown to seven locations providing over 35,000 patient visits a year.

First Care Medical Clinic continues to operate from the very premise that birthed it, which is to provide the highest level of healthcare possible to every patient that walks through First Care Medical Clinic’s door. Healthcare that results in better outcomes and translates into less cost for our patients for the long term.

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NCQA Recognized Medical Clinic

First Care Medical Clinic is a NCQA Recognized Medical Clinic

First Care Medical Clinic believes that continuous quality improvement matters! We want to show you our results on our recent efforts.

Patient/Family experience

We are working on improving our patient wait times. In our 2017 survey, First Care Medical Clinic received a “Great” rating from 84.5% of the patients surveyed in the ‘Time spent in waiting room’ category. While we’re still not perfect we do want you to know we will continue to work on making sure your wait times are reduced!

Clinical Quality Performance

Our performance report on preventive screenings show 23% of qualified patients got screened for Hepatitis C in the last quarter of 2016. Our goal is to increase this percentage by at least 50% immunizations in 2017.

Resource Use and Care Coordination

Our performance report on Care Coordination showed that our patients’ medications were reconciled during each office visit at a rate of 97.7% over the past 2 years. We will keep up our efforts in ensuring continued excellence in this measure.