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Helpful Inhaler Habits

Inhalers deliver medicine straight to your lungs, but you need to administer the medication properly for them to work. Read on to find out how you make the best of your inhaler and improve your breathing quality.

Aug 17th, 2020
How to Prepare for a Sports Physical

Sports physicals are a simple way to determine if your child's sport wants to participate in is a good fit for them. Read on to determine what happens during a consultation and how you can prepare your child for one.

Jul 14th, 2020
Common Causes of Hypertension

You’ve heard it before: hypertension rates are on the rise. But what’s the cause of this epidemic? Continue reading to find out what underlying conditions, medications, and lifestyle choices may be sabotaging your health.

Jun 10th, 2020
When to Consider a Medical Weight Loss Program

Have you tried countless diets with little to no results? Medical weight loss programs take your current health state into account and focus on sustainable results without forcing you to go hungry.

Mar 3rd, 2020
Start Your Year Off Right With an Annual Physical

At the beginning of each year, you change the oil in your car and renew your memberships, so why not stay up-to-date with your health too? An annual physical can help you prevent and catch diseases early on.

Feb 1st, 2020
Urgent Care vs. Primary Care: What You Need to Know

Urgent care and primary care are both necessary to keep you healthy in today’s world, but there are a few differences between the two types of care. Find out how they differ and when you need each type.

Jan 1st, 2020
Book Your Flu Shot Now: Your Best Defense Against Illness

The flu can knock you out for two weeks, and those in high-risk groups could face hospitalization. The flu shot is a simple vaccine that annually protects you against prevalent flu strains, helping your immune system prepare before you’re exposed.

Dec 1st, 2019