What To Expect During Your Immigration Physical

If you’re applying to become a permanent resident of the United States, you need an immigration physical to ensure that you don’t have any communicable diseases and aren’t a danger to the general population. 

The immigration physical also determines if you’re updated on your vaccinations and whether or not you’re in overall good health. 

Many green card applicants get nervous about the medical exam. However, we’re here to dispel your fears and keep you informed about how to prepare for it. At First Care Medical Clinic, we offer an immigrant physical to our patients in several locations in North Carolina.

How you can prepare for your immigration physical 

To ensure your medical professional can complete your immigration physical, bring the following documents with you to your consult:

At First Care Medical Clinic, we also welcome green card applicants who need an interpreter. Just make sure the interpreter can both speak and write well in English, as they’ll fill out some of the forms for you.

What happens during an immigration physical

During your immigration physical, a medical professional looks for potential diseases that fall into the following categories:

Tests include blood, urine, and vaccination screening. If you’re missing any vaccines, the doctor can provide you with the missing vaccines during the exam.

Having dealt with addictions, mental health issues, or contagious diseases doesn’t automatically disqualify you for the green card. What’s important is to show the USCIS or the State Department that you’ve been successfully treated. 

So if you’ve had health issues of this type in the past, bring copies of your medical records that prove that you’re either cured or managing your health conditions.

Pregnant women may need to delay their immigration physical as an X-ray is necessary to look for lung issues. 

Get your immigration physical with us 

If you live in North Carolina, we have five locations where several certified providers on staff can help complete your immigration physical. You can find us in Monroe, Albemarle, Gastonia, Charlotte, and Rock Hill. 

If you have any questions regarding your immigration physical, or if you want to book a physical exam, contact us to schedule an appointment.

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