When to Consider a Medical Weight Loss Program

Despite the many benefits of losing weight, many Americans fail to maintain a healthy BMI. Estimates show that 45 million Americans go on a diet each year, yet nearly two-thirds of Americans are overweight or obese.

Losing weight is one of the best preventive measures against type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and even some cancers. Carrying a few extra pounds can also put more pressure on your bones, increasing your chances of experiencing pain, especially as you age. 

As advocates of prevention, our team at First Care Medical Clinic wants you to be able to live your life to the fullest. So we put together an article on some of the ways a medical weight loss program can help you accomplish your weight loss goal.

Pre-existing medical conditions

Estimates suggest that 80 million Americans suffer from insulin resistance, a condition that can slow down your weight loss efforts and significantly increase your risk for diabetes. 

Conditions such as heart disease can also impact your weight loss efforts. If you have heart disease, you may need to follow a special diet not only to lose weight but also to protect your heart health.

Lack of knowledge about nutrition

If you spend most of your time flipping through magazines for nutrition advice and have no idea how calories work, you may want to take the guessing out of the equation. 

Nutrition is often oversimplified by weight-loss gurus and lifestyle publications, making it seem like everyone can put together a weight loss program that works. 

However, a medical professional is up-to-date with the latest discoveries in nutrition and has studied nutrition as part of their education.

Low-energy levels and lethargy while dieting

As long as it meets your nutritional needs, a caloric deficit shouldn’t cause you to experience low energy levels. If you’ve been dieting for a while and always have to quit because you feel dizzy or lethargic, you may be suffering from a deficiency. 

Medical weight loss programs are designed to meet all of your nutritional needs based on your height, weight, age, and health. 

What to do when you have a lot of weight to lose

The most challenging aspect of weight loss is switching to a balanced lifestyle. This may ring truest to people who have a lot of weight to lose and must sustain a caloric deficit for long periods. 

So if you struggle with maintaining a caloric deficit, our team at First Care Medical Clinic can help. Start your weight loss journey today by contacting us to schedule an appointment.

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