Some Things Can’t Wait: When to Visit an Urgent Care Clinic


A sudden and scary medical situation can be confusing. You may not know whether to visit an urgent care center or go straight to the emergency room. In the past, if a person gets injured or ill after hours or on a weekend, the first option would be the emergency room. This usually results in […]

9 Simple Ways To Allergy-Proof Your Home

9 Simple Ways To Allergy-Proof Your Home

Don’t let pet, dust, mold, or pollen allergies make you miserable in your own home. If you have hay fever or allergic symptoms throughout the year, take steps to reduce allergens in your home.

Why You Should Visit an Internist Today


With the rapid pace of our world, there is a drastic increase in the number of ailments associated with the human body. Hence, we cannot overstate the importance of a wellness checkup. This critical appointment allows for an overall health evaluation and assesses whether one has chronic health conditions. Meanwhile, you have likely heard the […]

Immunization and Your Child’s Health – Here’s What to Note

Immunization and Your Child’s Health

Immunization is one cornerstone of modern medicine, but also one of the causes of common misconceptions among parents. Some people still believe that immunization is harmful to the child. But the consequences of them not getting immunized are severe, even life-threatening. While the immunization process is not without risks, it is very important for the […]

How to Stay Healthy as You Age

comprehensive care clinic

Aging gracefully isn’t about trying to look like a 20-something — it’s about living your best life and having the physical and mental health to enjoy it.

Book Your Flu Shot Now: Your Best Defense Against Illness

getting a flu shot

The winter months are prime flu season, but if you haven’t already had your flu shot, it’s not too late. Though it takes several weeks for your immune system to develop flu protection, there’s still time to ensure you and your family are protected ahead of the Christmas and New Year’s holiday.  All it takes […]

Start Your Year Off Right With an Annual Physical

annual physical checkup

You always make sure everything is up to date after a new year rolls around. But what about your health? Think about an annual physical as a way to renew the most important thing in your life: your well-being.  At First Care Medical Clinic, we offer complete annual physicals to help you stay ahead of […]

Urgent Care vs. Primary Care: What You Need to Know

Urgent Care sign

Medical specialization is becoming more and more common these days, and because of that, it’s not always easy to find ordinary, everyday healthcare. Your best bets are finding a primary care doctor, an urgent care facility, or a practice that serves both needs. At First Care Medical Clinic, with locations in North and South Carolina, we […]

When to Consider a Medical Weight Loss Program

Smiling woman looking at her weight on a scale

Despite the many benefits of losing weight, many Americans fail to maintain a healthy BMI. Estimates show that 45 million Americans go on a diet each year, yet nearly two-thirds of Americans are overweight or obese. Losing weight is one of the best preventive measures against type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and even some cancers. Carrying a […]

What To Expect During Your Immigration Physical

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If you’re applying to become a permanent resident of the United States, you need an immigration physical to ensure that you don’t have any communicable diseases and aren’t a danger to the general population.  The immigration physical also determines if you’re updated on your vaccinations and whether or not you’re in overall good health.  Many green card […]