Doctors in Gastonia, NC

Doctor Benedict Okwara M.D. and expert team of doctors and physicians in Gastonia, NC treat children and adults 5 days a week. Our doctors are located near you at 2450 Aberdeen Boulevard Gastonia, NC 28054.

Doctors in Gastonia, NC

Throughout the year, medical setbacks such as a cold or sprained ankle can occur out of nowhere. Many families struggle with finding a reliable doctor last minute when this happens, or if they need a last minute physical or laboratory test done. Unfortunately for most patients in the Gastonia area, primary care physicians require appointments, which can sometimes be required weeks or months in advance. For most patients with very busy schedules, this is not realistic. Schedules can change, last minute events or obligations can come up, and your health can be the last priority in these situations. At First Care Medical Clinic in Gastonia, NC our medical professionals offer a convenient alternative to your primary care physician. We have the best family doctors in Gastonia who are available on a walk in basis- no appointments required!

Our walk in urgent care and primary care clinic is a great option for families who do not want to make an appointment weeks or months in advance. We are open every weekday during flexible hours and will help you with a large variety of medical needs as soon as you walk into our clinic. All of the physicians at First Care Medical Clinic in Gastonia have extensive experience in family health care and emergency medicine, and can provide you with professional and compassionate primary care services. Our main physician is Dr. Ada Okwara, who has years of knowledge when it comes to women’s health care. Having a female doctor at our clinic in Gastonia who can provide top notch care is a great advantage of First Care Medical Clinic. Dr. Okwara is dedicated to providing the best primary care services offered in Gastonia, and enjoys helping the local community of women as well.

So the next time you and your loved ones are left asking, “Where can I find great doctors near me in Gastonia?” walk right into First Care Medical Clinic. We know that your health does not rely on a set schedule, so we do our best to have you feeling better as soon as possible, with no appointments required. Our clinic specializes in a large variety of medical services, from travel vaccinations to treating urinary tract infections. We have a X-ray machine on site, as well as laboratory for blood and urine testing, so we can provide your family with fast and accurate results in a state of the art clinic.

Rather than making an appointment weeks in advance or rushing to a hospital when an urgent care emergency happens, walk right into First Care Medical Clinic today for fast and efficient medical services. We are your one stop shop in Gastonia for primary care services and urgent care services, and are prepared to help every member of the family, including children and seniors. We hope we can help you feel better soon at our walk in clinic in Gastonia!