Echocardiography Test in North Carolina & South Carolina

First Care Medical Clinic offers echocardiography exam by our licensed medical proffesionals. Transportation is available upon request. We proudly serve Charlotte NC, Albemarle, Charlotte (Plaza), Charlotte Nations Ford, Gastonia, Monroe & Rock Hill, SC. Walk-in today at a location near you.

Echocardiography Test in North Carolina & South Carolina

First Care Medical Clinic is pleased to offer echocardiograph exams, or echo for short, in our office. If you need to schedule an echo, please contact us or request an appointment online. Below, you will find helpful information to prepare you for the echo exam

What is an Echocardiograph Exam?

Also known as a diagnostic cardiac ultrasound or echocariodgram, an echocadiograph exam uses ultrasound waves to create images of you heart.

Why Might an Echocardiograph Exam Be Recommended?

  • Determining if there is a problem with the outer lining, or pericardium, of your heart.
  • Identifying any blood leaking backwards through the valves of your heart, referred to as regurgitation.
  • Determining if your heart valves are functioning properly.
  • Checking for tumors or growths surrounding your heart values.
  • Checking the size of your heart valves to ensure they are not too narrow, a condition known as stenosis.
  • Identifying any problems with your large blood vessels that enter and exit the heart.
  • Checking for blood clots in the chambers of your heart.
  • Determining how your heart moves and it’s pumping strength.
  • Identifying any abnormal holes between heart chambers
  • Checking the size, shape, thickness, and movement of the wall of your heart.

What Can I Expect During an Echocardiograph Exam?

An echo exam usually takes less than an hour to perform and is completely painless. However, depending upon the type of echo performed, your doctor may need to inject saline or a special dye into one of your veins in order to help your heart show up more clearly. Below is an outline of the echo process.

  1. Before the echo begins, you will be asked to undress from the waist up. Women will be given a robe or gown to wear. For the echo to be most accurate, your doctor will need access to your bare chest.
  2. Next you will lie on your back or left side and electrodes, or small, sticky patches, will be attached to your chest. These electrodes are necessary for the electrocardiogram, or EKG, to be performed. An EKG records the electrical activity of the heart.
  3. The ultrasound tech, known as a sonographer, or your doctor will then apply gel to your chest to aid the sound waves in reaching your heart.
  4. A transducer, appearing in the shape of a wand, will then be moved around your chest transmitting ultrasound waves. A computer will be used to convert the echos from the sound waves into images of your heart that are then shown on the computer screen. These images will be shared with your doctor and/or a cardiologist for review.
  5. Once the exam is complete, your doctor will be in touch with the results.

At First Care Medical Clinic, we pride ourselves on patient care. When you undergo a procedure with us, you can rest easy knowing you are in great, capable hands. For more information regarding echo exams, please contact our office.

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