Physical Exams in North Carolina & South Carolina

First Care Medical Clinic provides physical exams, pre-employment physicals, school & sports physicals, immigration physicals, asbestos physicals & more. We serve Charlotte NC, Albemarle, Charlotte (Plaza), Charlotte Nations Ford, Gastonia, Monroe & Rock Hill, SC. Walk-in today at a location near you.

Physical Exams in North Carolina & South Carolina

First Care Medical Clinic provides a full spectrum of services, including a broad range of physical exams to our patients.

A physical is a thorough review of your general wellbeing. The Provider will review your medical history, perform a complete physical exam and develop a treatment plan concerning your health. This may include general recommendations regarding diet and exercise, age appropriate immunizations, preventative disease screening exams such as laboratory screening, papanicolau test, colonoscopy, breast exam, or diagnostic imagining tests.

We offer a wide range of physical examinations to our patients including:

  • Immigration Physicals
  • Asbestos Physical
  • Annual Physicals
  • Disability Exams
  • Infant Immunizations
  • Insurance Physicals
  • Pediatric Well Checks
  • Pre-Employment Physicals
  • Return-to-Work Exams
  • School Physicals
  • Sports Physicals

At First Care Medical Clinic, our Providers pride themselves in preventing and treating acute illnesses and assisting patients effectively manage their chronic medical problems. Our providers will assist you in developing a healthcare plan custom-made just for you. Our clinic offers same day appointments for your convenience, and also welcomes new patients of all ages and gender.

The main purpose of an annual physical exam is to check your overall health and make sure you don’t have any medical problems you are not aware of. Many patients view a physical exam as a source of reassurance that they truly are as healthy as they feel. Others feel a physical checkup is important in order to uncover diseases and other health issues before they become serious.

At First Care Medical Clinic, we believe that physical exams are a good time to update necessary immunizations, ensure that patients are maintaining a healthy diet and exercise routine, and identify any health issues that may turn into medical concerns in the future.

What to Expect During an Annual Physical Exam

In most cases, a physical checkup will begin when a physician inspects your body for any abnormal growths or marks. Next, he or she will ask you to lie down so that he or she can feel your abdomen as well as other parts of your body. While your physician is doing this, he or she is investigating the location, tenderness, texture, and size of your organs.

You should expect your physician to use a stethoscope to listen to different parts of your body, including your heart to check for any abnormal sounds. While using a stethoscope on your heart, your physician will listen to its rhythm and evaluate its condition.

In addition, your physician will likely use a technique referred to as percussion to tap your body as if it is a drum. The goal of percussion is to locate the size and consistency of your organs and detect fluid in areas where it is should not exist. Throughout the exam, don’t be afraid to ask any questions regarding the state of your current or future health.

What to Expect After a Physical Exam

Following your physical checkup, you are welcome to go on with your day. Your physician will touch base with you to point out any areas of concern and inform you of any changes you should be making to your lifestyle. Sometimes, you may need to make arrangements for other tests or screenings at a later time. If there is no need for additional tests and no health problems are found, you are all set until next year.

Visit First Care Medical Clinic for Your Physical Exam

To determine the general status of your health and enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that you have been thoroughly examined by a physician, visit First Care Medical Clinic today. Our physicians look forward to assessing your risk for future issues while helping you maintain a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. Request an appointment for your annual physical exam today.

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