Prostate Cancer Screening in Rock Hill, SC

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Prostate Cancer Screening in Rock Hill, SC

Prostate cancer may spread to other parts of a man’s body. Even if it doesn’t metastasize, a male may suffer from complications that interfere with his quality of life, including erectile dysfunction and urinary incontinence. Our goal at First Care Medical Clinic, serving Rock Hill, SC and the nearby region, is to prevent complications and get men the treatment they need as soon as possible.

About Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer occurs when abnormal cells multiply in the prostate. This walnut-shaped gland is responsible for producing seminal fluid in order to nourish and transport sperm. It’s one of the more common forms of cancer in men. While it generally progresses slowly, certain forms of it do progress rapidly.

Men who have prostate cancer may notice they have difficulty urinating. They might also have a decrease in the force in which they expel urine. Some men with prostate cancer have blood in their semen in addition to bone pain and pelvic discomfort. In some cases, a male may experience erectile dysfunction or urinary incontinence.

There isn’t a known cause of prostate cancer. However, it begins with abnormal cells in the prostate. These cells thrive while the other cells die. It’s possible for it to spread to tissue close to it and even to other organs.

Why Get Screened for Prostate Cancer

Not all patients with prostate cancer experience symptoms in the early stages or at all. It may progress and even spread to other areas of the body before a man knows he has it. It’s easiest to treat in the early stages. Early detection can prevent complications that hinder a man’s quality of life. In addition, you may save your life since it is possible for this form of cancer to spread and become deadly.

How We Perform a Screening

One way we screen for prostate cancer is through a rectal examination. During this particular test, our physician uses an adequately lubricated finger to evaluate the prostate since it’s in the general vicinity of the rectum. The doctor is checking the size and shape of the gland.

We also might use a prostate-specific antigen test, also known as a PSA test. For this test, we’ll draw blood from your arm. We send it to the laboratory to analyze for an antigen naturally produced by the prostate gland. Men have a small amount of it in their blood naturally, but if they have a higher than average amount, it could signify cancer, enlargement, inflammation, or infection.

Who Should Get Tested

A man’s risk of prostate cancer increases as he ages. In fact, prostate cancer is more common in men over the age of 65. The general recommendation, however, is that men start receiving a screening starting at the age of 55, as advised by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Some men should begin getting screened sooner than that. For instance, men who have a family history of it may want to start getting tested sooner. Any man that has symptoms – even if he’s much younger – should receive testing. Men who are obese have an increased risk. Although it’s not understood why, black men have a higher likelihood of developing prostate cancer than any other race. It also tends to be aggressive and advances quicker in black males.

Schedule a prostate screen to preserve your health as long as possible by calling First Care Medical Clinic, serving Rock Hill, SC and the surrounding region, by calling us at (803) 219-2605.

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