Radiology and Ultrasounds in North and South Carolina

First Care Medical Clinic Provides On-Site Ultrasounds and X-Rays with Our Licensed Medical Technicians. We Accept Most Major Insurance Plans. No Appointment Nessecary

Radiology and Ultrasounds at First Care Medical Clinic in North Carolina

First Care Medical Clinic (FCMC) is dedicated to providing patients the best possible healthcare possible by combining our comprehensive medical knowledge with the use of state of the art technology to provide a variety of imaging services to help diagnose and treat patients.

Radiology Services assist in diagnosing and treating a variety of problems including:

  • Diagnose broken bones, fractures, or joint dislocations.
  • Look for bone infections, arthritis, or abnormal bone growths.
  • Visualize air fluid levels in the abdomen and chest.
  • Identify foreign objects in soft tissue around or in the bones.
  • Assist in the detection of bone cancer.
  • Ultrasound Diagnostic Services assist and diagnosing and treating a variety of problems including:
  • Detect abnormalities of heart structures such as the heart valves
  • Help to diagnose problems of the liver, gallbladder, pancreas, thyroid gland, lymph nodes, ovaries, kidneys, bladder, and breast.
  • Detect abnormal widening of blood vessels
  • To examine blood flow in arteries or veins to see if you might have deep vein thrombosis or peripheral vascular disease.
  • Blockage to an artery.
  • Blood clot.

First Care Medical Clinic invests in the most current medical technological advances in radiologic and diagnostic imagining providing a wide range of services for our patients to provide the best healthcare possible.

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