Radiology and X-Ray Services in North Carolina & South Carolina

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Radiology and X-Ray Services in North Carolina & South Carolina

Radiology involves the use of imaging technology to get a close look into your body so that a radiologist can gain a better understanding of a disease or illness that you may have developed. Imaging technology makes it possible for your radiologist to diagnose your condition and provide you with appropriate treatment options.

The radiology center at First Care Medical Clinic provides clients with a few advanced radiology services in Charlotte, NC. Our services include the latest in interventional radiology techniques as well as diagnostic radiology such as X-rays and ultrasound imaging. Further details on our services can be found below.

X-Ray Services

A radiology x-ray is a picture that is created through the use of a low dose of radiation. X-rays are intended to evaluate internal organs, lungs, and bones in order to diagnose conditions such as kidney stones, broken bones, cancer, pneumonia, and arthritis. The x-ray center at First Care Clinic uses digital x-rays, which saves pictures as digital files for optimal efficiency.

Ultrasound Imaging

Also known as sonography and ultrasound imaging, ultrasound imaging involves the use of a probe and ultrasound gel that is placed directly on a patient’s skin. High frequency sound waves are transferred from the probe through the gel and into the body of a patient. The sounds that bounce back are collected via a transducer and transferred to a computer to produce an image of these sound waves.

Ultrasound imaging can assist physicians in evaluating pain, swelling, infection, and other symptoms. In addition, ultrasounds can examine a wide variety of the body’s organs, diagnose heart conditions, and guide procedures.

Learn More About Radiology Services at First Care Medical Clinic

At First Care Medical Clinic, we pride ourselves on using state-of-the-art equipment and software while delivering exceptional customer service. Our radiologists are board certified and fellowship trained with expertise in body imaging, women’s imaging, neuroradiology, and interventional radiology. To schedule an appointment, call us or fill out our online appointment form today.