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Behavioral Health Specialists

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First Care Medical Clinic

Family Practice & Urgent Care located in Charlotte, Albemarle, Monroe, and Gastonia, NC and Rock Hill, SC

Total health and wellness involves more than your physical health. At First Care Medical Clinic, with offices in Albemarle, Gastonia, Monroe, and Charlotte, North Carolina, and Rock Hill, South Carolina, the compassionate medical team offers diagnostic mental and behavioral health screenings and innovative treatments for a variety of issues. The skilled physicians can address drug and alcohol abuse, anxiety, anger, and adolescent behavioral conditions with in-office assessments and treatment plans customized to your individual needs. To learn more about available behavioral health issues, contact the First Care Medical Clinic nearest you by calling the office or booking online today.

Behavioral Health Q & A

What Behavioral Health Screenings are Available?

The First Care Medical Clinic providers are extensively trained in screening children and adults for behavioral and mental health conditions that interfere with quality of life.

Available on-site diagnostic testing and assessments include:

  • Stress evaluations
  • Anxiety assessments
  • Psychological testing
  • Drug and alcohol screenings

The goal of each evaluation is to identify factors in your life that contribute to your behaviors and mental health. The medical staff takes the time to listen to your questions, concerns, and any symptoms you have that are negatively impacting your life.

In addition to the in-office assessment services, the First Care Medical Clinic staff can tailor a treatment plan to help you cope with the many aspects of life and ensure you can manage your condition effectively.

How are Behavioral Health Issues Treated?

The First Care Medical Clinic providers works closely with you to create the best treatment plan. The staff is made up of highly qualified doctors, physician assistants, nurses, nutritionists, and pharmacists. Behavioral specialists are also on-site to provide comprehensive care for the entire family.

You can receive a variety of on-site services to address the specific issues that are affecting your mental health, your behaviors, and your quality of life.

The behavioral health treatment options that are available include:

  • Care coordination
  • Case management
  • Anger management
  • Stress and anxiety therapy
  • Adolescent behavioral therapy
  • Substance abuse counseling

The medical staff also provides a variety of counseling services on an individual and family basis. You can also participate in relationship and marriage counseling and therapy sessions.

If you’re currently receiving treatment for an existing health condition and need to take multiple medications, your provider offers comprehensive medication management services to prevent misuse of medicines that can lead to an overdose.

The First Care Medical Clinic team also puts an emphasis on preventive care to protect your mental health and offers life coaching services to help you stay focused on your goals.

When Should I Consider Behavioral Health Services?

The behavioral health services are available for both preventive screenings and to address existing symptoms of a behavioral or mental health issue.

Even when your life is going well, your practitioner can still provide you with therapy options and life coaching sessions to maximize your life experience.

If you or your loved ones are struggling with anxiety, uncontrolled anger, or relationship issues, schedule a consultation as soon as possible. There’s no shame in seeking help when you’re overstressed or have concerns about your drinking, drug use, or anger.

Through early intervention, the First Care Medical Clinic team can help you find stability before things spiral too far out of control.

Check in on your mental and behavioral health today by calling the First Care Medical Clinic nearest you or by requesting a consultation online now. You can also visit as a walk-in patient.