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Echocardiogram Specialists

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An echocardiogram is helpful for assessing your overall heart function and letting your doctor know if you have any abnormalities. At First Care Medical Clinic, with five North Carolina locations in Monroe, Albemarle, Gastonia, and two offices in Charlotte, as well as a clinic in Rock Hill, South Carolina, you can undergo in-office echocardiogram screenings and get the results you deserve quickly. If you’re in need of an echocardiogram, book an appointment through the website or call any office directly to schedule a visit.

Echocardiogram Q & A

Why Do I Need an Echocardiogram?

An echocardiogram is a diagnostic cardiac ultrasound that’s sometimes called an “echo” for short. It’s a noninvasive test that’s beneficial for assessing your overall heart function. Your doctor may recommend an echocardiogram to check for signs of heart disease and abnormalities, including:

  • Abnormal heart valve structure or function
  • Tumors around the valves
  • Blood clots inside the heart
  • Problems with the pericardium (the outer lining of the heart)
  • Congenital heart issues

An echocardiogram is also helpful for checking the size, shape, thickness, and movement of the walls of your heart. Your doctor is even able to tell if you have irregularities or issues with blood pumping.

Echocardiograms are commonly used in diagnostic and preventive care screenings. But your doctor might also request an echo to ensure your heart is healthy enough for an upcoming surgical procedure. 

What Happens During an Echocardiogram?

First Care Medical Clinic provides in-office echocardiograms at all locations throughout North Carolina and South Carolina. You can expect personalized care in a comfortable environment when you come in to the clinic nearest you for your echo.

Before your test, you need to undress from the waist up. You can change into a gown if it’s more comfortable for you. Your provider just needs access to your bare chest. 

During your echocardiogram, your provider places several electrodes onto your chest for another test called an electrocardiogram (EKG). These electrodes are connected to wires and attach to a machine that measures the electrical activity of your heart. 

Depending on your specific echo test and which type of information your doctor is looking for, your provider may use a handheld ultrasound transducer to gather images of your heart. In some cases, it’s also necessary to inject a saline or dye solution into your veins to help blood flow show up more clearly on images.

Once your echo test is complete, you can get dressed and return to your normal activities. No downtime is necessary.

How Long Does an Echocardiogram Take?

Echocardiograms from First Care Medical Clinic take anywhere from 30-60 minutes, depending on your specific procedure. Before your exam, your doctor lets you know about how long your specific procedure may take.

It may take a few days for your doctor to analyze your echocardiogram results. But once your evaluation is complete, the team at First Care Medical Clinic calls you to talk about your results or schedule you for a follow-up visit. 

First Care Medical Clinic provides on-site echocardiograms, so you won’t have to go anywhere else for your important heart screening. Book your appointment through the website or call any location directly.