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Flu Shots Specialists

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First Care Medical Clinic

Family Practice & Urgent Care located in Charlotte, Albemarle, Monroe, and Gastonia, NC and Rock Hill, SC

Medical experts estimate that flu shots prevent roughly 7 million cases of the flu in a given year. The medical team at First Care Medical Clinic, with five North Carolina locations in Monroe, Albemarle, Gastonia, and two offices in Charlotte, as well as a clinic in Rock Hill, South Carolina, provides flu shots for all members of your family. Book your flu shot appointment online or call the office nearest you to schedule an appointment today.

Flu Shots Q & A

Why are Flu Shots Important?

Flu shots are seasonal vaccines you should ideally get right before flu season starts. It’s important for children, adults, and seniors to get regular flu shots to:

  • Lower your risk of getting sick with the flu
  • Reduce your risk of flu-related hospitalization
  • Minimize the intensity of flu symptoms if you do get sick

While most healthy adults can recover from the flu if they get it, the effects can still be debilitating and may even keep you out of work for several days. Getting a flu shot helps keep you healthy. 

Additionally, the major concern with the flu virus is that certain populations, including young children, pregnant women, and seniors, may not be able to effectively fight off the flu illness, and they can become very sick and even develop pneumonia. The same is true for anyone with a weakened immune system because of chronic disease. In these instances, getting a flu shot is particularly important. 

How Do Flu Shots Work?

Flu vaccines build up your immune system and “train” it to fight off flu viruses. When you get a flu shot, it stimulates the production of antibodies that attack the flu virus. 

After a couple of weeks, your immune system learns to recognize the flu virus and becomes strong enough to fight it. Moving forward, when you’re exposed to the flu-causing organisms, your immune system attacks the virus and helps keep you healthy.

First Care Medical Clinic proudly offers flu shots at each clinic location. You may also be a candidate for an inhaled flu mist as an alternative to the shot. The mist works similarly to the injection. 

When Should I Get a Flu Shot?

Because the flu viruses change and evolve year after year, it’s important to come in to First Care Medical Clinic every year for your flu shot. While you can certainly get the flu shot throughout the colder fall and winter months, ideally, you should get your vaccine in September or October. This gives your immune system plenty of time to strengthen before flu season begins. 

If you’re due for a flu shot, First Care Medical Clinic can provide the vaccine quickly. Book your flu shot appointment through the website or call any office directly to schedule.