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The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) requires you to undergo an immigration physical as part of your processing. First Care Medical Clinic, with five North Carolina locations in Monroe, Albemarle, Gastonia, and two offices in Charlotte, as well as a clinic in Rock Hill, South Carolina, is home to practitioners who are certified to perform immigration physicals. You can book your exam through the website, or you can call to speak with a team member at any office location.

Immigration Physicals Q & A

Why Do I Need an Immigration Physical?

An immigration physical, required by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), is an essential part of processing your Lawful Permanent Resident Card — also known as the “Green Card.” Getting an immigration physical is important to:

  • Ensure you don’t have any communicable diseases
  • Get you updated on vaccinations
  • Make sure you’re in overall good health

Immigration physicals must be completed by a USCIS-certified doctor called a “civil surgeon.” First Care Medical Clinic has several certified providers on staff, so you can undergo your immigration physical at any location. 

What Happens During an Immigration Physical?

There are certain tests and screenings your doctor must perform during your immigration physical. They follow the USCIS-issued I-693 form to complete your exam. Most immigration physicals include the following components:

  • Chest X-ray
  • Tuberculosis test
  • Vaccination updates
  • Syphilis and gonorrhea screening
  • Drug abuse and addiction evaluation

These types of screenings are required for anyone over the age of 15. Children usually don’t have to go through all of these steps, although all immigration physicals include a comprehensive medical examination. 

What Do I Bring to My Immigration Physical?

First Care Medical Clinic is dedicated to helping you throughout every stage of your immigration physical. To ensure your doctor can complete the physical, it’s important to bring the following documents with you to your appointment:

  • Medical records (if you’ve been diagnosed with communicable diseases)
  • Valid government-issued identification
  • Immunization records (English translation) 

You should also bring a copy of the USCIS I-693 form. While you can fill out your personal information in Part 1 ahead of time, you should not sign Part 2 or go any further without approval from your physician. 

You’re also welcome to bring an interpreter with you to your immigration physical at First Care Medical Clinic. It’s important that your interpreter can speak, read, and write in English, as they’re going to need to fill out a portion of your I-693 form. 

Click on the online scheduling tool to book your immigration physical at First Care Medical Clinic today. You can also call any office directly to schedule an appointment.