Substance Abuse Treatment in North Carolina & South Carolina

First Care Medical Clinic has expert doctors who are ready to help you overcome your substance addiction. We specialize in substance abuse treatment using suboxone, so let us help you. We proudly serve Charlotte NC, Albemarle, Charlotte (Plaza), Charlotte Nations Ford, Gastonia, Monroe & Rock Hill, SC.

Substance Abuse Treatment in North Carolina & South Carolina

Our expert doctors and staff want to welcome you to First Care Medical Center and thank you for visiting our treatment center during this challenging time. We commend you on your courageous effort in taking your next step. We understand how overwhelming it can be to seek out help for an addiction, here at First Care Medical we want to assure you of our support, comfort, and encouragement. We acknowledge your feelings of uncertainty and maybe even intimidation when deciding to seek treatment, which is why we want help you through this challenging time. If you or a loved one is one of the millions of Americans struggling with an addiction to opiates and want to get help, First Care Medical Clinic offers substance abuse treatment using Suboxone.

Battling an opioid addiction can seem like a hopeless downward spiral. Whether you are struggling with an addiction to morphine, prescription pain killers, or heroin we want to help put a light at the end of the tunnel. At First Care Medical Clinic our experienced doctors specialize in substance abuse treatment using Suboxone. Our caring staff is here to help you make the necessary changes to begin restoring your life.

Is Suboxone Treatment Safe and Does It Work?

Suboxone is a safe way to manage detox symptoms, decreasing the possibility of relapse. It is a partial opioid agonist, made up of two primary ingredients – buprenorphine and naloxone. Buprenorphine stimulates the same receptors in the brain as other opioids do, however it does not create the same effects. It blocks brain receptors to help stop withdrawal symptoms that would otherwise be present. Naloxone is considered an “opioid blocker”. It is present to help the individual avoid experiencing painful withdrawal symptoms and overwhelming cravings.

An immense amount of research and studies show that those who incorporate Suboxone into their treatment plan have been successful at keeping potential cravings at bay.

Provided in an outpatient setting, you and your physician will determine if Suboxone medication treatment is right for you. Suboxone is best used as part of a complete treatment plan that can include Behavioral Therapy, Support Groups, and Individual Counseling. A successful drug addiction treatment method should involve all the necessary aid to discourage relapse. Those who utilize Suboxone in an assisted treatment program can achieve a clear state of mind, conducive to helping on the road to recovery. We understand that overcoming an opioid addiction can be incredibly difficult. And yes, Suboxone can be immensely helpful in treating addiction, however keep in mind that it is not the sole solution. We recommend participating in group therapy and other outlets which will allow you to learn from others and their experiences. You will be able to understand that you are not alone in this battle, which can help relieve the feelings of isolation and establish support and confidence in your recovery.

First Care Medical Clinic is here to provide you with the next step in your recovery. If you have any questions about Suboxone Treatment we are happy to help. Call our offices at (866) 750-7551. We have 7 walk-in Suboxone clinics in North Carolina and South Carolina.

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