Walk-In Clinic in Gastonia, NC

First Care Medical Clinic Is the Best Urgent Care & Walk-in Clinic in Gastonia, NC. We Are Conveniently Located Near You and Also Provide Free Pick Up if You Live Within 5 Miles From Our Clinic! Call Us Today for More Information at (704) 228-9194 or Schedule Your Appointment Online.

Walk-In Clinic Gastonia NC

When you need immediate care in the Gastonia, NC area, waiting for your primary care provider to be available isn’t practical. Neither is it reasonable to spend a significant amount of money to visit an emergency room for a nonlife-threatening injury or illness. Instead of spending hours and dollars in an ER, come to the board-certified doctors at First Care Medical Clinic in Gastonia, NC. No appointment is needed at our walk-in clinic! Not only will you spend less time waiting for a doctor, but in most cases, you’ll also spend less money to be treated without sacrificing high-quality care. Nearly 4 in 5 reasons people rush to the emergency room can be easily treated at our state-of-the-art clinic. Come today, and we’ll show you why we are the top, walk-in clinic choice in the Gastonia.

One of the many reasons people visit our walk-in clinic is when they suspect they are sick with the flu or another infection. It can be challenging to figure out if you have influenza or just a common cold, as these two things share many of the same symptoms. The only way to know for sure is to get tested at our clinic. We have an onsite lab with many rapid tests that can, in most cases, return quick results to determine if you are infected with the flu or another infection, like strep throat. Once a diagnosis of an infection is confirmed, our doctors can then prescribe you the best treatment to help you feel better faster.

Have you suffered an injury like a sprain or strain? While many people attempt to “walk it off” an injury of this nature should be seen by a medical professional, especially if it is so severe, you can barely use the injured area. While sprains and strains take time to heal, it is essential they are appropriately treated and stabilized, so you don’t reinjure the area, delaying your recovery or worse, causing more damage. In the cases of severe sprains or strains, an x-ray is often required to check for minor fractures. Undiagnosed fractures can seriously complicate a sprain or strain and must be screened for. If an x-ray is needed, we will review it with you before you leave our facility and send you home with a copy of the image.

Our walk-in clinic is located at 2450 Aberdeen Boulevard Gastonia, NC 28054. We are open Monday through Friday from 9 am to 6 pm. No appointment is ever needed to be seen by one of our doctors or access any of our services. We accept most major insurances and have self-pay options available for the uninsured. Do you have questions about our clinic or would you like to make an appointment? Call our friendly staff today at (704) 228-9194.

We look forward to serving you!

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